Get the code

Installation is easy using pip and the only requirement is a recent version of Django.

$ pip install django-activity-stream

or get it from source

$ pip install git+

Basic app configuration

Then to add the Django Activity Stream to your project add the app actstream and django.contib.sites to your INSTALLED_APPS and urlconf. In addition to, add the setting SITE_ID = 1 below the installed apps.



Add the activity urls to your urlconf

urlpatterns = [
    ('^activity/', include('actstream.urls')),

The activity urls are not required for basic usage but provide activity Feeds and handle following, unfollowing and querying of followers.

Add extra data to actions

If you want to use custom data on your actions and are running Django < 3.1, then make sure you have django-jsonfield-backport installed.

$ pip install django-activity-stream[jsonfield]

You can learn more at Custom Action Data

Supported Environments

The following Python/Django versions and database configurations are supported by django-activity-stream. Make sure to pick the version of Django and django-activity-stream that supports the environment you are using.


For Django compatibility details, read the Django docs. For django-activity-stream compatibility details, see the Changelog.


  • Python 3: 3.6 to 3.9

  • PyPy: 3


  • Django: 2.2+ only


django-activity-stream has been tested to work with the following databases but may work on other platforms (YMMV)